Bold Curves @ The Mall

Walking up and down the Mall offers gorgeous architectural sights, such as the limestone-clad National Museum of the American Indian, designed to evoke the natural shape of rock formations ~  or the steps leading in -and around- the National Gallery of Art ~
I said it before and I’ll say it again: one may well spend an entire trip to D.C., just walking up and down the Mall.

April 25th, 2017

5 thoughts on “Bold Curves @ The Mall

  1. Good shots and a clever theme.
    If you get to the capital of Canada, Ottawa, just across the river in Gatineau is the Museum of History, by the same architect Douglas Cardinal, same wonderful flowing curves

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    1. Thanks Robert! Also for the Museum of History… what an incredible building! Were in Ottawa for a few hours and only made to – guess where – the National Gallery. We promised ourselves a proper visit in the future, and the Museum of History is now part of the plan!

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  2. Beautiful building and I like the angle you chose a lot. The layers piling up on each other. I like the photo of the person standing at the edge of the columns. This gives such a sense of the size and height of the columns. These shapes feel so fluid.

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