8 thoughts on “Orbit of Mars

  1. Wonderful expose’ of Griffith Observatory. We were there some years ago. I spent many years as an avid amateur astronomer having gotten the interest when about 10 yrs old, sitting on a white bench in our backyard while my father talked about the universe, infinity, the speed of light, and specifically pointing out The Andromeda Galaxy as being 2 million LY away, …and that it appeared to us that night as it looked 2 million years ago. Basics. The reason I mention this is because the pic of you and Mr. Einstein IS exactly how I recall that night with my Dad many, many years ago! Awesome! M 🙂

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    1. What a lovely story, thank you for sharing it! I wish I could picture me in your place, with my Dad showing me the stars, but this photo next to Mr. Einstein is as close as I can get. Although, Dad did arrange for me to go aboard on one of the Container ships operated by the company he was working with at the time, where the Fist Officer took it upon himself to teach me and another kid that had joined, the secrets of celestial navigation and the use of a sextant! Ah, lovely memories!



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