Hellklo and welcome to my journal! Originally from Thessaloniki, Greece but living in Northern Europe for the past 30 years -the last ten of which in my adopted hometown Brussels, I try to surround myself with nice people & music & visual art & dance, because they make everyday life bearable & beautiful & rich. Lia in Brussels is my growing collection of life’s little pleasures I wanted to share with you, but mainly keep and  remember so that they don’t fade away…

Since end of August 2016, my path brought me to the Big Apple. While I absorb the differences in life & culture and try to grasp the sheer grandeur of New York, I’ll be sharing my impressions on The Humble Fabulist.

You will find more photos about ART | TRAVEL | FASHION | MOVIES | LIFE, on my Tumblr blog


A random collection of all that I enjoy, find interesting, awesome, surreal – or just plain crazy…

… and if you are a cat lover you can also pop by


My Cross-Cultural Cattery or – borrowing an expression we use at home – a blog about *the superior being on the planet*

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    1. Hi Knut, thank you so much; likewise, I love your blog, your brilliant photos and wonderful landscapes! So you are coming to New York! What a difference from the cool Arctic – temperatures here are soaring this time of the year… You’ve probably been here before but still: prepare yourself for some shock! 🙂
      If you do manage to go out in this heat AND carry your photo equipment 🙂 🙂 perhaps you might like Fort Tryon Park (The Cloisters, river and George Washington Bridge views), crossing the Washington Bridge, the area in and around Columbia University, Hudson River Greenway from 54th Street and up (parks, river views, urban landscape – I love this area towards sunset/twilight), the same in Lower Manhattan, walking towards The One (WTC), Oculus is an interesting structure, Brooklyn Heights Promenade late afternoon/evening for views over Manhattan, and not to forget the Whitney! NYC is so photogenic, I could go on and on but, in this heat, I thought I’d mention those places where you could still breathe at least. Hope you enjoy your stay and will keep an eye for your beautiful photos!


      1. Thank you so much Lia! I really appreciate you taking time to share your ideas for suitable locations for my visit. I’ll make notes from this and make a plan. I’ve been in NYC before and it’s totally my favorite city. I live in the Oslo-area, but I’m told you have a hot summer, I must prepare for that. Again, thank you kindly for your help.

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    1. Likewise Andrea! Yes, discovering this amazing city is so much fun – I’ll be here for a few years only, so I try to make the most of it! And I also enjoy your photos – seeing the city through a real photographer’s lens puts everything into a whole new perspective!


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m following yours now and find it fascinating. I adore art and art museums though I cannot draw one thing! I think that’s why art draws me instead. Oh….that was good…I’ll have to remember that.

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    1. Haha… I might have to steal if from you since I can’t draw either! But I’m glad you found the means to express your creativity through photography – another art form, equally visual and fascinating! Thank you for staying in touch!

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