Portland||OR||Hoyt Arboretum

Beyond Downtown Portland cool… Just 15′ ride on MAX Light Rail to Washington Park and the scenery changes completely. The park is so huge they offer a free shuttle service looping around the park’s main attractions, but we thought we’d take a trail through the Arboretum that would eventually lead us to the Japanese Garden. Eventually it didn’t (we got lost on the way* and switched to one of the main roads skirting the park; more ”urban” but no less stimulating, lined as it was with beautiful houses, completely surrounded by nature).

*All trails are clearly marked, some of them paved. We got lost only because we were taking shortcuts, thinking they would lead us faster to our destination.

Portland, OR

June 8th, 2018


Blue Star Spring, Beehive Geyser, Heart Spring, Goggles Spring, Firehole River, Cliff Geyser, Lakeshore Geyser, Fishing Cone, Ledge Spring, Belgian Pool… All names quite suitable, one would agree; but how did they come up with ”Belgian Pool”, I wonder… that’s the second last photo.

Belgian Pool, above

June 3rd, 2018

The Old Faithful

All kinds of awesome

The Old Faithful Inn provides shelter from the elements and a balcony with great views, where you can rest until the next eruption. Predictions are posted inside (as in most buildings in the area) so you know when it is time to take your place at the viewing platform.

Moving image from the previous day, the water column becoming one with the clouds for a really dramatic experience.

June 2nd, 2018

Veins of the Earth || Two || The Grand Prismatic Spring

Feel the heat alongside it and then climb the trail to the Overlook for some spectacular views. Meanwhile, click on the last photo – it’s panoramic.

The Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook is reached via the Fairy Falls Trail, an easy walk except for the last part reaching the overlook platform, which is a bit steep. You will meet wildlife on the way – just remember: keep calm and steer clear. These are wild animals and you are trespassing their territory. If they feel threatened they will charge – and they are faster and more agile than you think! The bison you see below had just attacked a silly man who went one step too far to take a selfie. Fortunately, the man got away with a warning – others may not be so lucky.

Yellowstone National Park

June 2nd, 2018