The Garden of the Heart of Heaven

A few moments of contemplation, allowing ourselves to absorb the various works of art we had just witnessed across the Museum’s galleries – and the warmth that comes with sunshine after the rain.

And then came the bunnies… There is a bunny hiding in this picture; an adorable little troublemaker, disrupting the peace.

The Garden of the Heart of Heaven
Designed by Kinsaku Nakane of Kyoto, Japan
Dedicated October 24, 1988

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
May 2nd, 2017

Nature’s artwork @ Sakura Park

Blossoms under the tireless supervision of the massive bell tower of the Riverside Church.

”Conceived in 1896 as an addition to Riverside Park, this two-acre park was sited on land donated by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. overlooking the Hudson River. In 1912 over 2500 cherry trees were planted as a gift from Japan, a gesture of friendship which also included the donation of 20,000 trees to Washington, D.C.”

Sakura Park

April 14th, 2017

Sunday in Prospect Park

Starting at the Grand Army Plaza, one may expect to see ~

A monument to this gentleman ↓

The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Arch at the far end ↓

Wisdom and Felicity surrounded by Neptune, Triton and a boy holding a cornucopia (not visible from this angle), aka the Bailey Fountain. Sculpture by Eugene F. Savage, cast in 1931 ↓

This monumental door of the Brooklyn Public Library, in stark contrast with the, otherwise, minimal concrete facade ↓

The Brooklyn Museum ↓

The meadows ↓

The lost ↓♥

And the found ↓

April 9th, 2017

Atlantic city – Aboard the quiet car to the beach

On the train to Philadelphia, we had discovered the quiet car completely by accident. A great feature, one that trains in Europe would greatly benefit from. Why this has not been implemented on the other side of the Atlantic, is a mystery to me. We now ask the train attendant for the quiet car, every time we’re about to board a train.

Half an hour later and… what a difference 60 miles make!

A brilliant sunshine, a light breeze, unseasonably warm, an enormous beach, no crowds.

“Enjoy God’s gift to humanity!” an excited fellow walker exclaimed…

“Enjoy!” we echoed, smiling back… “as long as you remain under the boardwalk”, we added silently.

Atlantic City
February 23rd, 2017

Of Blue Crystals and The Fountain of Life

Of the perfect synergy between man and nature that makes it possible to create such exquisite, delicate, fragile things of beauty out of mere grains of sand.

Of the teamwork between artists, technicians, designers, gardeners, landscape architects and light engineers that made this exhibition such a success.

Of the New York Botanical’s readiness to replant large parts of the Gardens to complement the glass sculptures and make them look like they were grown together organically, in perfect harmony.

Of the way the sculptures glow in the dark and become alive, like mystical creatures.

Blue polyvitro crystals, 2016
Glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly in The Lillian Goldman Fountain of Life, 1905
Sapphire Star, 2010
Glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly

Chihuly Nights, New York Botanical Garden

October 14th, 2017