That’s All Folks

After four unforgettable years, it was time to move on. Another country, another ocean, a new continent in the Southern Hemisphere. A series of very fortunate events would bring us to the faraway land that is New Zealand, and not a moment too soon. Because of Covid-19, our trip would be longer than usual, flying to Greece first, for a family reunion, then on to Auckland via Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. Almost full circle around the Globe.

We’ll stay in Athens for the next few days, before I figure out which is the best platform to go on sharing our New Zealand memories, as this blog has almost reached its maximum storage space.

Meanwhile, let’s bid farewell to the City with the most New Yorky picture of them all:

Good bye New York City, thank you for four amazing years!

August 1st, 2020

Boarded Up

Just as the City was about to take its first cautious steps towards un-PAUSE, the tragic death of George Floyd on May 25th in Minneapolis under police custody, led to worldwide protests against police brutality and racism. All of New York City Boroughs took part and, while most of the demonstrations were peaceful, some became violent, with reports of shootings, lootings and vandalism. The City was placed under curfew starting at 11pm on June 1, which became even stricter the following day, starting at 8pm. The curfew ended on June 7 but the protests went on. Store windows would remain boarded up for much longer owing to fears of more unrest and financial hardship due to the pandemic – smaller retailers being the hardest-hit.

June 2nd, 2020