A resolution?

In case not very clear, the sign says: You are looking at 45,485 pounds of added sugar. This is the amount of added sugar children in the U.S. consume every 5 minutes.

But adults, too, are avid sugar consumers. Worst of all, we have little or no choice. After more than two years in the U.S. I still find it next to impossible to buy basic foods such as bread or cereal that do not contain some type of added sugar. Even foods labeled as ”healthy” contain cane sugar or maple syrup; sometimes sugar is disguised as cane syrup, which is nothing else than cane juice boiled down to a syrup, i.e. sugar.

By the way, the snack bars from the company responsible for this campaign? They contain 5g of added sugar.

Photos from August 22nd, 2017 – yet, always relevant.

Zender’s Winterreise || Jazz @ Lincoln

It was August but Winterreise was about to take us on a journey back in time, through Hans Zender’s Dark Mirror; I had a feeling it would be dark and cool, just what one needs in August in the City – and I was right.

Schubert’s Winterreise is a work shockingly ahead of its time, with a strongly expressionist flavor and prescient hints at the progress of music into the 20th century. Zender’s interpretation brings out and clarifies these extraordinary aspects and creates sonic associations for a modern audience. The rich cabaret feel draws on elements already there, and allows for a reflection on the piece itself—it is a work of art about a work of art.” (source)

Before looking into ”The Dark Mirror”, we lingered around the Ertegun Jazz Hall Of Fame, a space honouring the life and work of jazz legends with photos of the men and women who dedicated their lives to jazz, and a video series on the media wall, designed and animated by Nate Milton. Walking by, it occurred to me that I have yet to discover New York’s jazz scene. Now, a year-and-a-half later, I’m still in the dark and not sure where to start. If you have a recommendation, please do drop me a line in the comments – I would love to find out! 

Jazz at Lincoln Center

August 12th, 2017

And the winner is…

(Unsurprisingly) Bergdorf Goodman!

There should be an ”International Awards for Shop Xmas Windows” ceremony somewhere, if only to affirm that outdoing this B&G extravaganza is practically impossible. Except of course by B&G, who are somehow outdoing themselves every time! Hard to believe one can actually buy some of these items inside (I could probably afford a small box of macarons from Ladurée)…

Manhattan, 5th Avenue

December 9th, 2017

What’s Happening…?

… I hear you ask. The City has been hit, once again, by a jolly wave of Christmas Fever. There are parties and ice sculptures, young Santa wannabes and grumpy valet Snowmen, tea and sympathy (and cookies) with curious Creatures, Christmas trees in public spaces, earworm inducing sugary tunes and lights – zillions of dazzling lights everywhere!


December 24th, 2018

Poor Lonesome Cowboy

*Big City Tunes*

I’m a poor lonesome cowboy
I’m a long long way from home
And this poor lonesome cowboy
Has got a long long way to roam
Over mountains over prairies
From dawn till day is done
Into the setting sun

Lonesome cowboy, lonesome cowboy,
You’re a long long way from home
Lonesome cowboy, lonesome cowboy,
You’ve a long long way to roam
There are guys who just figure
Have a problem with a gun
And a finger on a trigger
Can be dangerous, hurt someone
But problems solve much better
By keeping calm and true
My horse and me keep riding
I ain’t nobody’s fool

I’m a poor lonesome cowboy
But it doesn’t bother me
‘Cause this poor lonesome cowboy
Prefers a horse for company
Got nothing against women
But I wave them all goodbye
My horse and me keep riding
We don’t like being tied
Lonesome cowboy, lonesome cowboy,
You’re a long long way from home
Lonesome cowboy, lonesome cowboy,
You’ve a long long way to roam

To roam

July 26th, 2017