Broad Strokes

The moment when you feel you just stepped into a landscape painting. Only, you can feel this one with all your senses.

Views from the Upper & Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. There are a few spots and lookout points in the area – you’ll be enchanted no matter which one you chose.

May 29th, 2018


Spring rather, springled with snow as we drove on Highway 20 (which is actually closed in winter). Admiring the view from Lake Butte over the Yellowstone Lake. There is a starck beauty around us, in this area that has been devastated by wildfire. Yet Hope, is always the last to die.

Yellowstone National Park

May 28th, 2018

Going West

The coming days will be all about wildlife and nature’s wonders and incredible landscapes, here on the Humble Fabulist; but first – first impressions: bunnies and boot lamps, stuffed animals, americana kitsch and rows upon rows of movie candy in the local supermarket. No matter where you find yourself in the States, you are never too far away from candy.

Cody, Wyoming

May 28th, 2018