But I will generously spare you of yet another Valentine’s post and heart-shaped pink boxes and roses and such. Here is, instead, a message from a random guy, on a random wall, somewhere in Lower Manhattan, back in 2017.

I hope it helped him find joy – notice a piece missing?

Peace x Love,

Lia 💙


Just another day’s work. UNGA72.

Outside UNHQ. The time of the year when the whole world lands in New York for the United Nations General Assembly and life, as locals know it, is put on hold for a week. Locals know what they should do by now: keep calm and avoid the area, unless you have business in the UN.

September 20th, 2017

At Katz’s

Before going to Katz’s make sure you work up a very healthy appetite. That’s what all that flânerie, walking from Hell’s Kitchen down to the East Village,  helped us do and even then we had to share a pastrami sandwich. For Katz’s Delicatessen is renowned not only for their legendary pastrami but also for their sandwiches of gargantuan proportions (ok, and for that orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally which, having tasted said pastrami, it totally makes sense).

August 20th, 2017