Sixth and a Half

Times Fifty Sixth, equals the magic number that unlocks the mysteries of the Avenue That Does Not Exist.

You too can uncover its mysteries; but tread gently or you might upset the kind denizens of this strange, parallel world.

Popeye by Jeff Koons, 2009-2012
Granite and live flowers

Big, big Penny by Tom Otterness, 1993

July 26th, 2017

Fall Snow || New York City

A quick jump to the present, because yesterday we had our first Fall Snow. It snowed for most of the afternoon well into early evening, when the snow turned into sleet. But a few hours of powder were enough to bring the City on the brink of chaos. Why? Because not a single grain of salt was to be seen anywhere on the streets. Result? Multiple crashes, road closures, Washington Bridge shut down, train delays, sirens, emergency vehicles blocked, congestion, people slaloming on slippery pavements trying to keep upright. And the snow wasn’t even unexpected – the weather forecast had been accurate for once!

Celebrity moving – not going anywhere

The fastest way to reach home is on foot

Or by bike (both cases involving senior level of acrobatic skills)

Fall snow in New York City.

November 15th, 2018

Dr. Phibes Rises Again

Following his murderous quest for vengeance against the doctors he believes responsible for the death of his beloved wife, Victoria, the fiendish Dr. Phibes enters the crypt where he has enshrined her, ”incredibly maintained neither alive nor completely dead”. And there he places himself in suspended life, like her, until it will be time to rise again. And there he lays in darkness, next to her body, in a splendid satin sarcophagus, until the moon, aligning with the eternal planets, shines upon the sarcophagus – once every 2.000 years – signalling the opening of the crypt. And then, the fiendish Dr. Phibes rises again from his deep sleep and, together with his trusted aid, Vulnavia, prepares to take Victoria to Egypt where, years ago, in a mountain overlooking the Valley of the Pharaohs, he prepared a wondrous shrine, ”unknown by any living man”. There, under a secret temple, the River of Life flows, promising resurrection for Victoria and eternal life for them both.

Three years have passed, and now it is time for their greatest adventure. But, to his utter horror, Dr. Phibes finds his house has been destroyed and his papyrus scrolls stolen, the very scrolls that would lead him back to the secret temple in Egypt.


Stills from imdb and filmgrab archives

Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)

October 27th, 2018