A fusion of styles in a single walk.


October 29th, 2019

Back to Base

Well, hellooo Brussels!… It’s been a while.

‘Twas a quick trip for work, but that didn’t mean there would be no time for play!

Walking in Brussels

October 13th, 2019

Liquid Music

In celebration of the album’s 10th anniversary, Sigur Rós vocalist Jónsi and his partner, musician Alex Somers performed Riceboy Sleeps, live for the first time, together with the Wordless Music Orchestra and Choir, in some of the most beautiful theatres across North America. Last night they were in Kings Theatre, Brooklyn. It was their final stop. And the best possible way to celebrate Halloween.

Below, a part of their live performance in Sydney. If the Northern Lights were emitting music, this would have been it!

October 31st, 2019