The Sea That Was Not Blue

A walk up to Mount Lycabettus offers some of the best sunsets and views over the city, the port of Piraeus, and beyond. A refuge from the summer heat and a spot for contemplation watching this sea of concrete unfolding as far as the eye can see. And yet, there is a strange beauty in the chaos, there is no denying it, try as I might.

August 20th, 2020

Yavapai Vista Trail

Walking on sunset, panoramic views over Sedona’s beautiful rocks, and no vortex. Maybe a call to Anita would help? I don’t think I’ll ever find out…

Bell Rock
Courthouse Butte
Gibraltar Rock & Lee Mountain

Sedona, AZ

May 2nd, 2019

The Old Faithful

All kinds of awesome

The Old Faithful Inn provides shelter from the elements and a balcony with great views, where you can rest until the next eruption. Predictions are posted inside (as in most buildings in the area) so you know when it is time to take your place at the viewing platform.

Moving image from the previous day, the water column becoming one with the clouds for a really dramatic experience.

June 2nd, 2018