My Sweet Irma

There are six regional airports near Yellowstone National Park which, by the way, is so huge it spans three different States: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Three of these airports are closer to the park and therefore more convenient: Bozeman, MT is best for the North and West Entrances; Jackson Hole, WY is best for the South Entrance; Idaho Falls, ID for the West & South; and Cody, WY best for the East. They all have their advantages and points for interest but, to me, none can be compared to Cody.

Cody, the village founded in 1895 by one of America’s West most legendary figures, William F. Cody, better known to non-natives as Buffalo Bill. Who, in 1902, built this establishment which he called “just the sweetest hotel that ever was” and named it after his youngest daughter, Irma.

Cody, WY

June 4th, 2018