Treasure Hunting || Princeton University Art Museum

A walk through centuries and civilisations.

Princeton, NJ

February 15th, 2020

A gallery that always wanted to become a grand hall of a European palace

European Painting 1550–1700 and Hanoverian Silver hang on damask-covered walls in the William I. Koch Gallery, nothing less for a space designed to resemble a grand hall of a European palace. Looking at the round tables, I thought it must double up as an event space. And, while, it is difficult to appreciate the art individually (too much, too high, some maneuvering  necessary to avoid hitting the tables), seen as a whole everything seems to work. Besides… … it leads to the Monet gallery. The MFA boasts one of the largest collections of Claude Monet’s work outside France, with a whole gallery dedicated to the artist! Below, just two of the works I particularly enjoy – the first, for its virtuosity and splendid kimono and the second, for its hazy, dreamy mood: Claude Monet
La Japonaise (Camille Monet in Japanese Costume), 1876
Oil on canvas

Claude Monet
Rouen Cathedral, Façade, 1894
Oil on canvas

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

May 2nd, 2017