Washington D.C. – Reconnaissance

Beginning near Dupont Circle back to Union Station with its massive Columbus Fountain and very own Liberty Bell which, in reality, is a replica of this symbol of independence located in Philadelphia – minus the iconic crack. In D.C., it is called Freedom Bell, American Legion, a public artwork dedicated in 1981.

From the Station, a short walk to the Capitol, passing in front of the Supreme Court which is closed on weekends. Still, one can walk around it and marvel at its dignified neoclassical architecture, tall Corinthian columns and bronze doors, designed by Gilbert and John Donnelly, Sr. and sculpted by his son, John Donnelly, Jr.

Each door is made up of four bas-reliefs which represent significant events in the evolution of justice according to Western tradition in chronological order. The thematic sequence begins on the lower left panel, moves up to the top of the door then continues on the bottom right panel and concludes on the upper right corner.

17 feet high and 9 ½ feet wide, and weighing approximately 13 tons the doors prompted the sculptor to declare: 

“Out of all of our monumental projects, spread over two lifetimes, the Supreme Court doors are the only work that we ever signed – that’s how important they were.”

April 23rd, 2017

Poetry lives here

Behind the poetic doors of Washington Mews. A vision of an urban village within Greenwich Village; a fresh breath of quietness, a street where everything falls back to a human scale.

A private cobblestone street with rows of low height houses on both sides. It is owned by NYU and the buildings are used as homes, offices and other facilities connected to the university.

Some of the houses date back to the first half of the 19th century and were built as stables. Others are more modern but of the same height and style, keeping up with the spirit of the street. In the 1900s, they were all converted into charming studios, attracting the City’s art community. Edward Hopper lived here from 1913 until his death in 1967 – his studio was at 1 Washington Square North.

Washington Mews is a gated, private street but the gates are open during daytime and everyone is free to walk through.

December 4th,  2016