The road trip begins at Half Moon Bay

Our rambles around San Francisco might have come to an end, but the adventure was far from over. For we were now ready to embark on our first ever road trip along the West Coast.

Rental car picked up (costs a fortune and a half if the return place is different than the pick up, which was our case – but totally worth it, I promise), its condition tested on a San Francisco steep and we were off.

First stop at Half Moon Bay Feed & Fuel for no special reason other than curiosity (and that striking pink facade). We stepped inside not really knowing what to expect.

It turns out this is the ”everything” shop, an institution South of San Francisco. There are farm and building supplies, saddles and other equestrian material, food supplements and treatments for animals – and even vaccines, toiletries for grooming but also clothes and accessories, kitchenware… I don’t know, you name it!  And let’s not forget the hatchery at the back: chicks and ducklings and rabbits… a rural wonderland.A shop teeming with life but he still had to wait outside. Not fair…!

Half Moon Bay

July 9th, 2017