Fluorescent Light || Colour-Blocked Rooms

The next high rise project in Manhattan? Josiah McElheny
Bruno Taut’s Monument to Socialist Spirituality (After Mies van der Rohe), 2009
Glass and wood

This work reproduces Mies van der Rohe’s 1922 model for a theoretical, glass-clad skyscraper. But in a switch, McElheny replaces the clear windows with multi-coloured glass blocks. […] McElheny’s sculpture imagines a different history for twentieth-century architecture, one that embraced lively, transcendent spaces rather than the monochromatic monoliths of capitalism that evolved from Mies’ radical thinking.

Dan Flavin
Untitled (To Donna) II, 1971
Fluorescent light

Portland Art Museum

June 9th, 2018

Endlessly Repeating

”Josiah McElheny created this mirrored installation with a critical eye on histories of innovation, ornament and display that shaped European Modernism. He hand-blew each glass vessel based on sleek Italian, Austrian, Czech and Scandinavian designs from 1910-90. Then, the precisely positioned them within this polished cube to capture their endless repetition as infinite assembly lines of 20th century elegance.”

Endlessly fascinating.

Josiah McElheny
Endlessly Repeating Twentieth Century Modernism, 2007
Blown mirrored glass, mirrors, metal, wood and electric lighting

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
May 2nd, 2017