Wayne Thiebaut, Draftsman

Best known for his luscious paintings of pies and ice-cream cones, California artist Wayne Thiebaud (born 1920) has been an avid and prolific draftsman since he began his career as an illustrator and cartoonist. Featuring subjects that range from deli counters and isolated figures to dramatic views of San Francisco’s plunging streets, Thiebaud’s drawings invariably endow the most banal, everyday scenes with a sense of poetry and nostalgia. The show was the first to explore the full range of the artist’s works on paper, from quick sketches to pastels, watercolors, and charcoal drawings. It run @The_Morgan through September 2018.

Drink Syrups, 1964. Pastel
Nine Jelly Apples, 1964. Watercolour and graphite
Diagonal City, 1978. Graphite
Freeways Study, ca. 1982. Graphite and coloured pencil
Three Roads, 1983. Charcoal
Untitled (Intersection), 1977-78. Graphite
Circle of Fish, 1973. Pastel
Candy Ball Machine, 1977. Gouache and pastel
Spectacles and Bee Still Life, 1971. Charcoal
Tennis Girl, 1967. Graphite
Cakes No. 1, 1967. Pastel and graphite
Delicatessen Counter, 1961. Ink, oil, watercolour and graphite
Ice Cream Cone, 1964. Graphite
Untitled (Three Ice Creams), 1964. Pastel and graphite
Girl in Striped Sweater, 1965. Graphite

The Morgan Library

May 20th, 201818