Ponquogue Beach

  • Late afternoon, that mellow hour when the light is golden before turning to blue. It was getting chilly.
  • A lone surfer paddling. Smooth, regular movements and his wetsuit would keep him warm, hopefully.
  • Thousands of tiny shorebirds on the beach. Western Sandpiper, I think they’re called. They refused to be photographed. These are their footprints – leaving their mark all over the place. 
  • The Ponquogue Bridge, built by man to bring together that which the force of nature took apart.
  • Creatures of a more benevolent nature. Deer feeding in the garden, next to the road, undisturbed and oblivious to traffic and humans with mobile cameras. Soon, it would be dark. I wondered, where do deer go to sleep in the Hamptons?

Ponquogue Beach, Shinnecock Bay
Hampton Bays

September 3rd, 2017