Savannah || SCAD Welcome Center

As I mentioned earlier in this series, you’d have to work hard to escape SCAD when you visit Savannah. But every site being so interesting, bursting with fresh ideas, thought-provoking art or simply delicious scones, you’d probably wouldn’t want to miss it, anyway!

So, here we are, after an extensive look at the SCAD Museum of Art, a refreshing afternoon tea at the Gryphon, and some fun time with snooty ceramic faces at the shopSCAD, entering the place were it all started: the Poetter Hall, the first building that SCAD acquired in 1979, now home to their Admissions & Welcome Center, occasionally doubling up as an exhibition & event space. This is SCAD, after all.

May and Paul Poetter, founders of the Savannah College of Art and Design (along with Paula Wallace and Richard Rowan)

Allan Drumond
Un Petit Tour de Lacoste
Digital print from original illustration

Savannah, GA

April 5th, 2018

Savannah || The Gryphon

Speaking of old school charm, southern hospitality and the touch of SCAD being evident all over the historic centre,  this is where it all comes together: the Gryphon. SCAD’s upscale tea room that occupies the ground floor of the Scottish Rite building on Madison Square. Add the mystery of Freemasonry and the fact that the building is still the meeting place for various Masonic lodges, and your afternoon tea acquires that ”something extra” that goes beyond cucumber sandwiches and scones (although I would have been happy with just the scones).


April 5th, 2018