Georg Baselitz || Zero Ende, 2013 || Patinated bronze
Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz || In The Infield Was Patty Peccavi, 1981
Metal, resin, cloth, wood, glass, paper, photomechanical reproduction, electric lights, stuffed bird, and paint

One of the first collaborations between the two artists, In The Infield Was Patty Peccavi depicts a pregnant woman looking through a window lit by a high-intensity headlamp, which spirals in front of her. Described by Nancy Reddin Kienholz as addressing religious attitudes toward birth control, the woman looking into a void evokes hope, despair, and anxiety, even as she faces a future of limited choices.

The Hirshhorn, Washington D.C.

March 18th, 2019