Rain of Light

My title, not the artist’s. The artist left it untitled so I thought, what if I call it ”Rain of Light”, isn’t it more fitting? Presumptuous may be, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw it illuminating the stairwell, making it an integral part of the museum rather than a solely utilitarian feature. I instantly thanked myself for choosing to take the stairs instead of the lift.




Felix Gonzalez-Torres
”Untitled” (America), 1994

Twelve light strings, each with forty-two 15-watt lightbulbs and rubber sockets, at the stairwell of The Whitney Museum of American aRt.

September 10th, 2016



Mermaid, by Liz Craft. Bronze, steel, paint.

She was part of the ”Mirror Cells” exhibition at the Whitney. When the exhibition ended on August 21st Becky decided to linger awhile. She loved the attention so much she couldn’t bear the thought of parting from one of Manhattan’s most creatively designed terraces.

September 10th, 2016