But I will generously spare you of yet another Valentine’s post and heart-shaped pink boxes and roses and such. Here is, instead, a message from a random guy, on a random wall, somewhere in Lower Manhattan, back in 2017.

I hope it helped him find joy – notice a piece missing?

Peace x Love,

Lia 💙

Brief intermission: don’t leave it to the last minute!

An unassuming flower shop somewhere near the tracks at Grand Central.
Every weekday morning they put out fresh cut flowers arranged in colour-coordinated rows on the shelves. Busy commuters can always count on finding the perfect bouquet for their occasion, until closing time at 7:30pm. Always?

Not so on February the 14th! By 6pm the vases were empty and folks were pushing and elbowing their way through hoping to catch the remains of the day.

For that day was V day and people were willing to put up a fight.

Aah, the things we do for love…

Snapshot from February 14th, 2017