Gone for a (friendly) bite

In the vicinity of any University (let alone two of them), there is always a concentration of cool cafes and eateries competing with each other in quirkiness, coziness and laid back style; the Friendly Toast is one of said eateries but with the added value of just enough retro-kitsch and colour to make you forget to dive in your tacos… (well, almost)!

The Friendly Toast, Cambridge

May 3rd, 2017

The Winter Flea of Breukelen

The idea was to get a glimpse inside the grandiose interior of what used to be the headquarters of Williamsburg Savings Bank. Little did we know that walking past the entrance doors, we would fall into a real-life Narnia – and we didn’t even need a closet. For over the cold winter months Winter Brooklyn Flea finds shelter under the vaulted ceilings of One Hanson Place; and its food market, the irresistible Smorgasburg, takes place in the underground vault. That’s where we followed our nose, first. Then went on for a long stroll to the flea market, to tantalize the rest of our senses.   

The Summer Brooklyn Flea takes place every Sunday in DUMBO. And Smorgasburg is Saturdays in Williamsburg and Sundays in Prospect Park.

November 19th, 2016

Through the ceiling


Attending a briefing at the UN Trusteeship Council Chamber is a remarkable event but same could be said about the chamber itself, dressed floor-to-ceiling in carefully restored elements true to the original designs of Danish architect and designer Finn Juhl.

I think I would be forgiven for getting under the spell of these colourful, beautiful yet practical, retro-futuristic ceiling fixtures for a moment, before going back to work?

September 6th, 2016