Savannah || Black Magic (Floating Objects & Fireworks)

A wedding dress floating at a window, forever waiting for the bride to be.

A floating boat, its golden coat glowing in the dark.

And then, there were fireworks.

PS: Fireworks are a recurrent event in Savannah, taking place the first Friday of every month at 9:15pm, at the Waterfront.

April 6th, 2018

Walking in Savannah || Reconnaissance

Savannah is beautiful, discreet and laid-back in an elegant sort of way. If Savannah was a person, she would have been a lady of a certain age and of the Victorian era, sipping her afternoon tea in her lovely garden with friends. As it happens, Savannah is a cool city that attracts millions of tourists every year and yet still manages to keep her composure and good manners, making sure everyone enjoys generous doses of that famous Southern Hospitality and some take away booze* which makes walking in the city all the more interesting. This lady sure has style!

*In Savannah, it is permitted  to carry open drinks as long as they are held in a plastic cup (not in a bottle or mug) and are consumed within the Historic District.

Images from our first day walk –  some interesting places to bookmark:

The Independent Presbyterian Church
The Foley House Inn
First Baptist Church
The Savannah College of Art and Design
The Paris Market
Marshall House
Savannah Taphouse
Colonial Park Cemetery
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Lucas Theatre for the Arts
Leopold’s Ice cream

April 2nd, 2018

You know you are in Savannah when…

When her majesty the Queen Georgia of Savannah herself invites you on board for cocktails and old time tales; when the ”sweetheart of seafaring men of the world”, Miss Florence Matus ”the waving girl” is still waving her handkerchief welcoming you to her home, just as she did for every passing ship, every single day for forty-four years; and when the night that falls sweetly over the city’s cobblestone squares brings Savannah’s secret world of spirits to life, old souls walk past you and fade into the mist, like a midsummer night’s breeze.

Walking along the East River Street, Johnson Square & Reynolds Square

Savannah, GA

April 1st, 2018