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Well, hellooo Brussels!… It’s been a while.

‘Twas a quick trip for work, but that didn’t mean there would be no time for play!

Walking in Brussels

October 13th, 2019

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Some cemeteries are functional, others Gothic or haunted; some include beautiful gardens or war Memorials. Then, there is Green-Wood Cemetery; where visitors can take self-guided tours, walk on lanes with names like ”Sweet-Gum Path” or hop on a green trolley driven by an expert guide, watch the sun go down over the calm waters of a lake, take deep breaths of fresh air, admire a magnificent view of Manhattan.

For Green-Wood Cemetery must be the quietest, most tranquil 478 acres of land in New York and, since development here works mostly underground, the largest open space in the City that is in no danger of getting crammed with more tall buildings, any time soon.

If you need some downtime for quiet contemplation, honour the memory of loved ones, pay your respects to war heroes, notable residents or celebrities (we paid ours to the Bernsteins and Mrs. Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert, Countess of Landsfeld, better known by her stage name Lola Montez) or just take in the views, look no further than Greenwood Heights in Brooklyn.

Green-Wood Cemetery is reached from the Atlantic/Barclays Center stop in Brooklyn – with the R train, direction Bay Ridge. Exit at the 25th Street station. Check the visitors’ page on their website for more info, further directions and opening hours.

May 21st, 2017

Baltimore – A long walk around the Inner Harbor

So what if it’s touristy – Baltimore’s Inner Harbor offers endless car-free walks with wonderful views of the harbour, away from the hectic rhythm of the city. 

Above, views from the Baltimore Public Works Museum. Below, walking up the steps to the Federal Hill Park and what looks like an upscale neighbourhood with neat townhouses and lovely little gardens. 

Back at the Inner Harbor and that very interesting building housing Barnes & Noble; we’ll have to have a look inside before leaving.

But first, Little Italy by night for some delicious pasta washed down with copious amounts of chianti and a splendid grappa for desert.

And, finally, back to our very old-world, very ambient B&B for a good night’s sleep. 

April 26th, 2017

George Washington Bridge (II)

Allow two hours to cross to New Jersey and back – extra time for walks in Fort Lee Historic Park, for more views of the river and Manhattan that will test your sense of scale. If you’re lucky, you may even make some new friends among the permanent residents of the Park. 

Sidewalks are shared by pedestrians and bikes. Construction projects may affect which side is open. Info about this and directions to the sidewalks can be found here.

George Washington Bridge (I)

February 19th, 2017