Believe Anything

Then again, don’t.

Barbara Kruger Belief + Doubt [detail] || 2012 || Vinyl
Barbara Kruger Belief + Doubt [detail] || 2012 || Vinyl

Background: Felix Gonzales-Torres || Untitled (For Jeff) || 1992
Foreground: Constantin Brancusi || Torso of a Young Man || 1924

During his relatively brief career, Felix Gonzales-Torres expanded the language of Conceptual art by rethinking the reproduction, circulation, and presentation of artwork. ”Untitled” (For Jeff) belongs to the artist’s Billboard series which consists of works displayed simultaneously in multiple locations around a city. Collectively, the series creates a viewing community that spans several neighbourhoods and demographic groups. Dedicated to Jeff, a healthcare worker who cared for the artist’s dying partner, this particular work publicly addresses the AIDS crisis of the early 1990s.

Robert Barry || Steel Disc Suspended 1/8 in. Above Floor || 1967

Hung from a nearly transparent nylon string, the steel disc becomes a mere tool to demarcate the small, blank space beneath it. The artist’s aim is to make the void palpable, to create a presence from absence, and to overcome the materialization of ideas.

Socket Looking Incredulous || Presence from Absence || Is this art? || I think it’s time to leave the Hirshhorn…

The Hirshhorn, Washington D.C.

March 18th, 2019

So… is this art? @ MoMA [permanent collection, part 10]

Today’s composition of choice comprises some well known buildings partly glowing in the afternoon sun, paired with some of Marcel Duchamp’s famous ”readymades”. With all due respect to his undeniable contribution to the world of art, if I sign my compositions and designate them as artworks does that make me an artist?

<<Beginning in 1913 Duchamp challenged accepted artistic standards by selecting mass-produced, functional objects from everyday life and designating them as works of art. These sculptures, which he called “readymades,” were aimed at subverting traditional notions of skill, uniqueness, and beauty, boldly declaring that an artist could create simply by making choices. >>

MoMA, From the Collection, 1960 – 1969.

January 30th, 2017