Just when I thought 2016 is about to end – at last – and leave us in peace to pick up the pieces, these news reached me simultaneously yesterday afternoon: the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was confirmed dead after he was shot at an art gallery in Ankara, an event that sent shivers down the spine of the world on account of Russia’s and Turkey’s relations, now more volatile than ever in view of their respective Syrian agendas; it was quickly followed by another shooting incident outside the U.S. Embassy in Ankara; three shot and wounded in an Islamic Centre in Zurich; ten shot dead in the popular tourist destination of Karak, Jordan; twelve dead and fifty wounded in Berlin when a truck was driven into the crowd at a Christmas market; and part of Schaerbeek in Brussels was on lockdown following a major security operation by police.

Not surprisingly, this was how the ”most viewed” list on the Guardian (international) looked this morning:


Dominated by some of the attacks in all – but one – cases: at number nine we read that Delhi mascots will blow the whistle on public defecation.

Well, as long as there’s still hope…


Hope Sculpture by Robert Indiana is on 7th Ave & 53rd Str.

December 3rd, 2016


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