2 thoughts on “The Secretary

  1. With a beautiful Thonnet chair. The glasses must have been darkened. They do not look natural and I wonder why such dark glasses would help the secretary’s work ! Is the piece of paper next to the typewriter to correct the typos ? Many thanks for this beautiful and instructive picture, the Humble Fabulist. By the way, I must have missed the move from Lia to the Humble Fabulist ! This is now corrected !

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    1. Oh yes, indeed, the Chair, thanks for spotting this! I think the dark sunglasses are part of the attitude and Ms Sherman’s wonderful guises. But have no idea about the paper – could it be an IBM punched card, left there lying casually underlining how technology-literate this lady really is? On the last note, so glad you found your way here – I wouldn’t want you to miss any more of your daily Big Apple fix! Cheers, L.

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