Talking about subway art

Granted, beautiful artwork adorns many of New York’s subway stations, but the works featured at the newly opened Second Avenue Subway are our current darlings – and with very good reason!

Just look at these fabulous life-size mosaics at the Second Avenue-72nd Street by Brazilian artist Vik Muniz. Based on staged photographs of people he knows, some ordinary, some made-up, others well-known Muniz named this series “Perfect Strangers” because that’s what people waiting for the train are: perfect strangers getting together for a brief moment before going about their separate ways.

wp20170108_151001 wp20170108_151025 wp20170108_151059 wp20170108_151132 wp20170108_151201 wp20170108_151237 wp20170108_151302 wp20170108_151318 wp20170108_151407 wp20170108_151420wp20170108_151617On to Second Avenue-86th Street station, where the walls are adorned with Chuck Close’s ”Subway Portraits”, 12 large works based on his photo-realistic portrait paintings, transposed into mosaics or tiles.

Here are the portraits of the artist himself, artist Sienna Shields (whose identity it took me some digging to discover being unfamiliar with the local artistic milieu) and Lou Reed:

wp20170108_152947wp20170108_152531 wp20170108_153047

January 08th, 2017

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