4 thoughts on “Sad…!

    1. Oh no, I feel I’m in good company in NYC. We’re in for a bumpy ride but in it together. Brussels (and the world) will soon wake up to this blunt reality too, but I prefer going through this experience first-hand. And, anyway, Europe is no better place to be right now, what with Brexit, migration, terrorism and Syria next door not to mention the dire economic situation in my country… Nope, NYC is still sort of ok. x
      PS: I don’t watch TV

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      1. So he’s found his people, the snivelling little twerp, has he? I don’t watch TV either and have pleasantly went about my business today and gave no thought to the commotion going on in another part of the country. I might try to spend four years not allowing the sound of his voice to enter my ears. Yes, New York does provide solidarity at such times, thankfully. XO

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