17 thoughts on “Jonah in the belly of the beast (the hypnotic effect)

    1. That’s what happens when one stops being a ‘tourist’ and becomes a ‘resident’. But there’s so much to see here, I expect we’ll wear our tourist hats until we leave!
      Of course it cost the moon and the stars and took ages to complete – this is a Calatrava work 🙂 xxx


  1. I have to smile, my last day of living in Jersey ended in my travel to the WTC and a vision of white. The new PATH station had opened and I was befuddle and saw heaven with getting my feet back on the Island. This was in progress….but I’ve never been back or looked back. 😀

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    1. Oh, we’ll definitely be going – we have yet to cross on PATH and planning to do so once it gets a bit warmer. Can’t wait to see the views from the opposite side! And Oculus is in itself such an interesting construction, although it does remind me more of a fish skeleton rather than an eye.
      So you lived in Jersey? I can see part of it from my window…

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