Brunch en decadencia

If you can’t fly over the rainbow, bring the rainbow in the room. Along with one of the most lavish brunches in the City, accompanied by the spiciest Bloody Marys (I had to give up on mine and go for some chilled white wine instead) and soft jazz music played live.

You don’t have to go far – just 65 floors high above the Rockefeller Center.

Because why else would you go chasing rainbows, if not for that view?

Best enjoyed on a sunny day; that’s when the crystal curtains on the windows sparkle the most and spread little rainbows all over the room.

Another martini Mr. Bond?

October 30th, 2016

7 thoughts on “Brunch en decadencia

    1. I really had to give up on mine, so spicy it was! I prefer Bloody Marys when you can have the Tabasco on the side. Fortunately our waiter was kind enough to replace my drink free of charge – which amounts to something considering that floor level and prices seem to be directly proportional – sky high! But the whole thing is worth it – at least once. xxx

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    1. It was closed for renovation but reopened end of 2014. They did a good job with the rainbows! It would have been even more charming had they kept the dress code, but it’s very relaxed for brunch – too relaxed maybe.



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