Takk Sigur Rós…!

For yet another transcendent experience. Even – or maybe because of – the rain. Even in an open stadium with loads of crazed New Yorkers who are completely unable to stand still and be quiet for longer than thirty seconds.

But for those of us who did listen, it was a two-hour beautiful, emotional, powerful, interstellar trip to the centre of the universe. Thank you Sigur Rós for showing us the way to the stars!

Until next time.

Forrest Hills Stadium

June 17th, 2017

10 thoughts on “Takk Sigur Rós…!

  1. So, umm, why do the New Yorkers have to be quiet for longer than 30 seconds? If I am remembering correctly, Sigur Rós doesn’t mind the rocking noise level. They will be doing a residency in Ísland – Reykjavik.

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    1. Because that is usually the peak. For the most part, their music is equally intense, emotional and mystical and these guys – and those in vicinity – are just missing it. But it wasn’t the chatty fellows’ fault, just a wrong choice of venue. Sigur Ros belong to a theatre or a concert hall like their wonderful Harpa where, as you mentioned, they will be residents over Christmas. Magic!

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