4 thoughts on “Entangled in an ecliptic round of events ~ Francis Picabia [Intermission]

  1. There were people watching the sun at sunset at the Pointe de la Torche in Brittany. They say that the light was oscillating. I really doubt that this had any link with the eclipse ! Many thanks for the pictures, The Humble Fabulist.

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    1. Hmm I don’t think so either! Probably something to do with the atmosphere rather than the eclipse. Here in New York, the light was dimmed like it was early evening but it turned a bit yellow-red as if reflecting neon lights – hard to describe.

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  2. Just got back from a week long journey, with 13 family members all meeting up in The Great Smoky Mountains to see the totality. Awesome, and interesting seeing your images from NYC. M 🙂

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    1. Oh, you’ve been there? How awesome! I had witnessed another partial eclipse years ago in Brussels, but never a total. It was a strange light here in NYC, something like Times Square on a cloudy day 🙂 The photos don’t show much of course. They are too dark because I had to use those ultra safe glasses in front of the camera, otherwise there’d be just clouds… But, since these pages double up as my journal, they’ll serve their purpose when I’ll be looking back, years from now…



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