3. Rei Kawakubo || War / Peace – Today’s Black / Tomorrow’s Dream

“Personally, I don’t care about function at all. . . . When I hear ‘where could you wear that?’
or ‘it’s not very wearable,’ or ‘who would wear that?’ to me it’s just a sign that someone
missed the point.” – Rei Kawakubo


And yet…

Not only they are wearable, some even feature the ultimate practicality: pockets! How’s that for wearability, dear missing-the-point critics!

Views from Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between @ The Met Fifth Avenue continue with Life / Loss – Space / Curve coming up next.

August 6th, 2017

3 thoughts on “3. Rei Kawakubo || War / Peace – Today’s Black / Tomorrow’s Dream

    1. I’m just a superficial observer of fashion (and certainly don’t follow it at all) but I admire Kawakubo’s work because despite some of it being unwearable or unconventional or even ugly, it is always unique, original and rebellious – and has something to say to me. That’s the part of fashion I’m attracted to. xxx

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      1. I like having something to say, but if the message gets lost in translation….I lose interested. Some of the pieces are great (wearable or unwearable) – others, I just scratched my head.

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