Of Blue Crystals and The Fountain of Life

Of the perfect synergy between man and nature that makes it possible to create such exquisite, delicate, fragile things of beauty out of mere grains of sand.

Of the teamwork between artists, technicians, designers, gardeners, landscape architects and light engineers that made this exhibition such a success.

Of the New York Botanical’s readiness to replant large parts of the Gardens to complement the glass sculptures and make them look like they were grown together organically, in perfect harmony.

Of the way the sculptures glow in the dark and become alive, like mystical creatures.

Blue polyvitro crystals, 2016
Glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly in The Lillian Goldman Fountain of Life, 1905
Sapphire Star, 2010
Glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly

Chihuly Nights, New York Botanical Garden

October 14th, 2017

2 thoughts on “Of Blue Crystals and The Fountain of Life

  1. NYBG is one of our favorite places. We’ve visited so many times. Their programs are amazing. We went to see the Dale Chihuly sculptures shortly after it premiered, though we visited during the day. Your post reminds me we need to revisit at night.

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    1. It was our first time, although NYBG was one of the top to-go places… It still is, as it was already dark, we can’t say we’ve seen the garden – we’ve got to go back during daylight. If you haven’t returned yet, please do go; I’m sure the sculptures are awesome by day, but it’s at night when the magic happens!

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