Google play

It is a freezing end of year, here in New York City. We may not have seen much snow, but the weather forecast keeps making mention of an ”arctic chill” and warning merrymakers heading to Times Square to ring in 2018 that they are about to face one of the coldest ball drops on record this New Year’s Eve! As for me, I can barely move under multiple layers of clothes, undercoat, overcoat and headgear and nothing could make me withstand the Times Square agony. So why on earth was I lining up in the frigging cold outside the Google pop-up store, together with a bunch of youngsters half my age?

To meet this photogenic guy? Nope (sorry Chris)!

To play with the interactive pixel board? Nope, nope. 

To dive into the snow globe pool? Yaaaaas!! Because where else would I get to play Ophelia in the contemporary drama “Death by Selfie”? 

Because kids of all ages wanna have fun.

Made by Google pop up store will be open until December 31st.

December 26th, 2017

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