Baltimore – First impressions

Baltimore reminded  me of an old aristocratic lady who, over the years, saw her fortune shrink to a mere fraction of its original grandeur and now poor, charmingly shabby but perfectly coiffed, watches the world go by from her porch sipping tea from her last remaining heirloom fine bone china.

It is easy to fall for the charms of this lady, her innate elegance evident even in unexpected places. Like this incredible waiting room in Baltimore’s Penn Station, bathed in light filtered through three stained glass domes, in place of a ceiling.

April 26th, 2017

6 thoughts on “Baltimore – First impressions

    1. Yes, I got some glimpses of that charm, although well hidden and in the most unexpected places. But it’s definitely there and who knows what gems we would’ve discovered had we stayed there a bit longer!


    1. The ceiling is really really awesome and the huge waiting room is bathed in a warm light and one wishes they could wait there a little longer! One of Baltimore’s best features but difficult to capture on a cell phone camera.

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    1. True and true… of all the Penn Stations in the U.S., the NYC one must be the worst. Ok, I haven’t seen all the other Penn Stations but I think it’s safe to say this, because what could be worse? 🙂



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