”Fearless Girl” by Kristen Visbal.

After facing Wall Street’s ”Charging Bull” for about a year, it was decided that she be moved to her permanent spot, facing the New York Stock Exchange. Actually, the ”Charging Bull” was also supposed to have been moved with her, but I haven’t been in the area in a while to see what happened.

July 1st, 2017

4 thoughts on “Defiant

  1. I love this statue and her placement – bummed they’ve decided to move her. (I believe the Bull Statue artist complained? *sigh) It made such a statement in these troubling times. Enough said on that.

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    1. They claim traffic hazards with crowds of people wanting to take pictures – that’s how popular she is 🙂
      Yes, the Bull statue artist did complain, because the Girl statue ”violates his copyright and trademark, and it illegally commercializes his work”… he was also seeking damages for the violation of his legal, statutory rights; quite a bold move from an artist who clandestinely installed the Bull in the first place – like he’s the one to talk!



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