Savannah || Foxy Loxy Cool

A coffee shop that doubles up as a Tex-Mex cantina? A strange combination that shouldn’t work, yet in Foxy Loxy it does very well, thank you.

Off the touristy historic district, Foxy Loxy has everything going for it: a quirky interior, delicious offerings, decent coffee and a prime location in Thomas Square, a trendy neighbourhood with antique shops, vintage stores, gastropubs and fine late 19th century homes in various architectural styles. No wonder it is a favourite among locals and SCAD students. And, for the short time we stayed in Savannah, ours too.

And if that’s not enough, the cafe sits right next to the Gingerbread House, an incredible example of Steamboat Gothic architecture, the only one we found in Savannah (scroll down to the last two photos)!

Foxy Loxy Cafe, Savannah

April 2018


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