Beyond Savannah || Wormsloe Historic Site

The oldest of Georgia’s tidewater estates, Wormsloe has remained in the hands of the same family since the mid-1730s. Claimed and developed by founding Georgia colonist Noble Jones, Wormsloe has successively served as a military stronghold, plantation, country residence, farm, tourist attraction, and historic site. Nonetheless, Wormsloe’s most characteristic and defining use has been as the ancestral home of Noble Jones’s descendants. [source & further details]

But, for us, it was the long walk under this wondrous oak tree arch, the omnipresent moss providing even more shade – or cover from the rain. It was raining that day but we still preferred to walk rather than taking the car down the avenue, like so many other visitors did. Because listening to the magic chorus of rain and bird song, inhaling that fresh, woody scent of rain as it blended with the earth and fallen leaves, was an experience we wouldn’t have changed for the world. Not even for a dry pair of shoes.

April 7th, 2018


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