Dedicated in Seattle

It was summer of 1907 when James Casey and his friend, Claude Ryan, borrowed $100, bought two telephones and two bicycles, hired six boys and founded the American Messenger Company that would deliver parcels. Did he know then, that his company would grow to become the giant multinational that we know today as UPS (United Parcel Service)?

This lovely little waterfall park is said to cover the footprint of the original Messenger Company and was built by the Anne E. Casey Foundation, which was started by James Casey and his siblings and named in honour of their mother.

Then, just a block away towards the Occidental Square and adjacent to the Seattle Fire Department Headquarters, another lovely surprise: the Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial, dedicated to all Seattle firefighters that have died in the line of duty since the department began in 1889.

Waterfall Garden Park is in 219 2nd Ave S.
The Memorial to Fallen Firefighters is a life size sculpture by Hai Ying Wu, in the junction of Occidental Ave S and S Main St.

Seattle, WA

June 11th, 2018


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