6 thoughts on “Faces go Places || Coney Island

  1. Nice images of Coney Island, the carousel, it’s colorful ornate horses, the children, old camera and parachute tower. How sad it was that the Seaside Heights NJ carousel survived hurricane Sandy, only to be destroyed by a fire a year or so later. M :-

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    1. Thank you M! I looked the Seaside Heights carousel story up – how sad! I read there were two carousels, the one destroyed in that fire, the other one survived. But it will now be relocated? I certainly hope it will be restored and a new place found soon!


      1. Thank you for the link! I had no idea what it’s for. Doesn’t look very safe but the tower is obviously strong. Things have changed, I love the outfits and hair the women are wearing, the men look so dapper. Being a Ham Radio licensee, I see a big tower that might “load up”, use it for a transmit/receive antenna. 😂

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