4 thoughts on “Looking for Signs

  1. Love these – I have a yearning to get into the city again, to photograph so many of the new buildings and city scapes, but …not now. A pale has come over the city, a blight to which only time can heal. Stay safe, and I look forward to more of your wonderful images. M 🙂

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    1. Thank you M! There is so much pain in the City – and in most parts of the world – right now, but also so much hope and love and a sense of community, one wouldn’t expect to find in a metropolis of this size. But then, this was never just another metropolis; this is New York! Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the holidays!


    1. It’s just a dual-tower residential tall building called American Copper Buildings. There is a ferry landing in front of it, that connects Manhattan with Long Island City and Brooklyn. The skybridge you see is actually a swimming pool and spa for the residents. Oh, the views!

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