My Amp Goes Up To Eleven

Even a gloomy day looks shinny and bright gazing at this marvelous piece of engineering – a control console/switchboard/language selector from the then… It always stops me in my tracks.

United Nations Headquarters, New York

September 12th, 2018

2 thoughts on “My Amp Goes Up To Eleven

  1. Fifteen or so years ago, one of our neighbors was an “on air personality” at “CD 109” in NYC. While visiting her at work (I believe it was Hudson Street”) I was surprised at how “simple” the broadcast booths were, so refined as opposed to what ever is pictured above. It, the picture, reminds me of me rigging up my home entertainment center back in the 60’s/70’s Only 1000 times worse! Interesting images overall! M 🙂

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    1. Home entertainment systems back the 60’s/70’s commanded massive set ups… and we didn’t have youtube tutorials back then, did we… 🙂
      I think the UN console above is so huge because it has channels for different languages for interpretation. What a job this must have been for the operator!



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