The New York Earth Room

250 cubic yards of earth (197 cubic meters)
3,600 square feet of floor space (335 square meters)
22 inch depth of material (56 centimeters)
Total weight of sculpture: 280,000 lbs. (127,300 kilos)

In a loft at 141 Wooster Street, Manhattan

And a glimpse of ”The Broken Kilometer”, 1979.  Located at 393 West Broadway in New York City, is composed of 500 highly polished, round, solid brass rods, each measuring two meters in length and five centimeters (two inches) in diameter. The 500 rods are placed in five parallel rows of 100 rods each. The sculpture weighs 18 3/4 tons and would measure 3,280 feet if all the elements were laid end-to-end. 

”The New York Earth Room” and ”The Broken Kilometer” are works by Walter De Maria, both managed by Dia: Photography is not permitted, but you can find better images and notes on the Dia: website

February 17th, 2019

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