Schoener’s Celestial Globe:
Among Schoener’s globe gores included in the Sammelband is the first-known set of printed celestial gores that he designed in 1517. These gores annotated by Schoener represent the state of astronomical knowledge in his time and are in improvement over many of the star charts of the period.

Globe from Schoener Terrestrial Gore Fragments:
This globe is recreated from fragments of globe gores that were found in the binding of the Sammelband when it was taken apart in 1903. The fragments are printed on vellum and are the only surviving examples of terrestrial globe gores for the 1515 globe made by Johann Schoener. Schoener used Waldseemueller’s 1507 Universalis cosmographiae as one of his primary geographic sources for the information found on this globe.

The Reconstruction Of Saints, 2018 by Dustin Farnsworth
Aquaresin, fiberglass, foam, plywood, 24k gold

Smithsonian American Art Museum
Renwick Gallery

Washington, D.C.

March 22nd, 2019

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