Still Lives

Stephanie Syjuco || The Visible Invisible: Antebellum South (Simplicity)+Colonial Revolution (McCall’s), 2018+Ungovernable (Hoist), 2017
Stephanie Syjuco || Neutral Calibration Studies (Ornament+Crime), 2016

In this installation, Syjuco’s contemporary “still life” takes as inspiration the subjects of photographic color calibration charts that have been long used to check for “correct” or “neutral” color. The array of images and objects in the works creates a visual friction, challenging the idea of cultural and political neutrality by presenting a coded narrative of empire and colonialism as told through art history, Modernism, ethnography, stock photos, and Google Image searches. [source: Stephanie Syjuco]

Tanya Aguiñiga || Hand-Felted Folding Chairs, 2006-present

From ”Disrupting Craft: Renwick Invitational 2018” presenting work from four artists: Tanya Aguiñiga, Sharif Bey, Dustin Farnsworth and Stepanie Syjuco.

March 22nd, 2019


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