4 thoughts on “Nereid

      1. Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia, a very dynamic city even in these strange times.

        I definitely recommend a visit, as flights are direct from NYC. The city has a great mix of history, exquisite churches, street art, and amazing food. It is still very inexpensive with all the amenities of a capital city. A photographers dream to say the least, and great people. With the Belgrade waterfront undergoing massive international development.

        Dorcol is the “Upper East Side” with fabulous boutiques, cafes, and Kalemegdan Park/ Fortress overlooking the Danube River. So nice for an afternoon stroll to enjoy the people watching. In spring I’m sure it is magical.

        Sending you good vibes and lots of love x X.

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      2. You are in Belgrade? That’s so close to my home country (and town), Greece… the two countries retain close ties, cultural, religious and historical. And yet I’ve never been to Serbia, can you believe it!? I’ll make sure to make this right when my way brings me back to Europe.
        Thank you for the notes, for being a friend and for your good vibes.
        Sending you love from across the globe,
        L x



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