The fun is in the details

The Old Masters may be all divine symbolism and biblical images, but who said they couldn’t have fun?

Detail #1: apparently, keeping squirrels as pets is not a new idea.

Detail #2: the ”Oh, man…” look on the Demon’s face.

(Suzanne, a married woman, sends her maids away while is she is taking a bath. Once alone, two elders who secretly desire her, make advances. Suzanne refuses, but is later accused of adultery by the very men she refused. She is found guilty and condemned to death).

Detail #3: Carnival costume inspiration.

Detail #4: the Younger having fun copying the Elder but, in a bout of originality, appropriates a barrel to sign his work.

Detail #5: the original. As in most of the Elder’s paintings, there’s so much going on here, you’re bound to discover something new every time you look. This time, the eye lingers over the warm red sun setting far at the background, beyond the dark bare branches of the tree.

Detail #6: Going commando in the 17th century was the norm, apparently.

Detail #7: so much to see, so little time… *yawn*

Detail #8: what did you see first?

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium [Musée Oldmasters Museum], Brussels

October 19th, 2019

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